Our Vice Presidents

LaTosha Clemens, 1st VP - Programs

Latosha Clemons was born and raised in the City of Boynton Beach. In 1992, Chief Clemons joined the City of Boynton Parks and Recreation Department.  During that time, she attended South Technical Educational Center and successfully completed the firefighter training program to become a Florida State Certified Firefighter.  Latosha was hired with the Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Department in 1996; she took advantage of every opportunity for academic and professional growth that the City provided and rose through the ranks to become a Battalion Chief. 

Academic and professional development has always been a priority for Chief Clemons. She completed an Associate of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services in 2001, an Associate of Science Degree in Fire Science in 2005, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership in 2006, and a Master of Science Degree in Executive Management in 2014. She is most proud of successfully completing the four-year National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officers Program in Emmitsburg, Maryland. 

She is the President of Gold Coast Progressive Firefighters, a member of Black Vote Matters, Co-chairs of the Martin Luther King Committee, and a proud member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women serving as the 3rd Vice President of Fund Development.


Latosha has a passion for this community, which motivates her to continue growing in her personal and professional life. She has been an asset to the Boynton Beach Fire Department as a firefighter and shift commander and now serves the City of Boynton Beach as Deputy Fire Chief of Administration. 

LaJuan Leonard - 2nd VP - Fundraising

Shatenda LaJuan, prefers her middle name, born and raised in Delray Beach, she has five (5) siblings, one brother Chris and four sisters, Erica, Rhonda, Stacy & Elizabeth, whom she loves very much.  She is the proud mom of two (2) handsome young men, Kaylen and Lovett IV.  She loves spending quality time with her three (3) grandchildren, Kayliah (3), Kayden (1) and Lovett V who is just (1) month old.  She knows she is blessed beyond measures!

She was co-owner and creator of the former “Oh My Soul” restaurant, one of the first full soul food restaurants operating within the West Atlantic Avenue redevelopment center for three (3) years.  She is a dedicated and committed member of the House of God in Delray Beach where the Elder Chris Bolden is the Pastor.  She proudly serves as the President of the local church choir and the Vice President of the House of God Church State Choir. She also routinely supports and involves herself in several ministries and events of the church. Lajuan has valuable experience in mortgage processing and underwriting, and is locally known as “one of the best” Travel and Event Planners around. 

LaJuan is an active member of the South Palm Beach County National Coalition of 100 Black Women for the past 3 years. She is a member and Treasurer of “Our Kids Are Our Future,” a non-profit organization; Vice President of Chichima Productions; and a C.R.O.S volunteer. Additionally, Lajuan is a Notary Public; Certified with Complete Background Check, Strategic Planning, Time Management and Sexual Harassment. 

Finally, and most recently, Ms. Leonard became an Indirect Operations Specialist for IBM Southeast Credit Union.  She is responsible for the review and processing of car loan application files, communicating with car dealers and completing the funding of loans.

As you can see, Lajuan’s life experiences are various. But beyond much of the foregoing, and perhaps most importantly, she is the quintessential people person who helps others, many times inconveniencing herself. So, although Shatenda Lajuan’s name is different, she has successfully established it as a good name to have!

Rosa White, 3rdVP - Membership

Rosa White is the CEO and owner of Total Body Fitness with Rosa LLC.


Rosa is passionate about serving and working in the community. She is very active in the community and has a passion for seeing women take the lead in making sure they raise healthy families. Her passion for her family is matched by her love for bringing people to a healthier lifestyle. She is a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and teaches fitness classes full-time.


She has an extensive background as a Business Analyst and has worked with companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Cox Media Business. She attended Middle Georgia University and her background includes project management of medium to large corporate business accounts.

Rosa is an active participant and volunteers for Healthier Boynton on the Advocacy subcommittee, serving as Chair. Healthier Boynton focuses on programs and assistance for caregivers. As well as, she is a member of the Steering Committee for Healthier Boynton.


She is an ongoing Mentor for the Circles program through St. John Missionary Baptist Church, which is a mentoring program, that coaches and encourages young ladies, to set goals and pursue their dreams.


She is also very active at her church (Lake Ida Church of Christ), serving as the Point of Contact for the New Convert Committee and a member of the Prayer team.