Our President

Mrs. Rhonda Williams-Turner

Rhonda Williams-Turner is a native Floridian and happily married to Jason Turner Sr. who she considers her best friend. Rhonda has 5 children of her own 4 boys and a daughter but has been a role model and mentor to a host of other youth in the community of Palm Beach County.  Mrs. Williams-Turner’s commitment to the community started in 1995 where she began working for MAD DADS of Delray Beach, a nonprofit agency.  Working at MAD DADS allowed Mrs. Williams-Turner to really understand the importance of the phrase— “It takes a VILLAGE”.  She faithfully worked to implement numerous youth programs within the community such as Delray Divas Step Team, Delray Blazers Basketball, and summer teen programs.  Mrs. Williams-Turner did not stop there as a City of Delray employee at Pompey Park she began to create other programs and events for the community including Family Fun Day, Delray Beach Trailblazers honoring Community Leaders of Delray and many more activities.  Mrs. Williams-Turner began building a legacy that has grown over many years in leadership and commitment to the youth and adults within the community.  

Currently Mrs. Williams-Turner is the founder of 4 Knowledge is Power and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Mental Health and Marriage & Family. As the founder of 4 Knowledge Is Power she seeks to positively influence and encourage today's youth …understanding that the early years are the most critical years of their lives.  4 Knowledge Is Power encourages a positive education not only through books but through history.  

Mrs. Williams-Turner has for the past 16 years taken hundreds of high school students around the United States to numerous Colleges and Historical Tours. The tours involve every aspect of educating high schoolers on requirements for college (entrance requirements, testing, campus life) and the teens have several opportunities to visit historical sites including but not limited to: Martin Luther King (all museums), Medgar’s Evers home tour, 16th Street Baptist Church, Little Rock Nine (Central High School), Edmund Pettus Bridge (Selma), African American Museum and many more.  For some teens seeing the historical sites and hearing about their history allows them to walk away with a better understanding of their history and the value of education.

4 Knowledge Is Power has not only created activities for youth but feel the need to empower adults to be successful.  The organization has created many empowerment panel sessions to encourage adults such as: Women and Relationships “THE TRUTH (Women),” REAL MEN TALK (Men & Women), FOR BETTER or FOR WORSE (Married Couples) and Mrs. Williams-Turner have many more plans in the works.


The 4 Knowledge is Power organization is committed to providing high-quality programs for youth and adults that will support healthy development, academic achievement, leadership, empowerment, growth and success.  4 Knowledge is Power gives hope, builds values, raises self-esteem and confidence, and most important, instills the values of social responsibility and integrity in each youth.

Mrs. Williams-Turner is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority of South Palm Beach Chapter, a member of Delray Steering Committee for the City of Delray Beach, and a member of WARC West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition,   


Mrs. Williams-Turner received the 2017 UN-SUNG HEROES Award from  Boca Above and Beyond Award from Ladies of Futurity (2016), Legends Award from the South Palm Beach County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta (2009), Chosen as an honoree for MAD DADS of Boynton Beach the Tanya Hearst-Williams Award (2007) and the “Children for Champion Award” (June 2004) for outstanding work with the youth in Delray Beach.


Mrs. Williams-Turner attends St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Boynton Beach.  In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and traveling, her goal is to enjoy life and continue to let God direct her path she gives all the glory to him. Mrs. Williams Turner’s motto is Dream Bigger, Reach Higher and Achieve More.