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NCBW Scholarship

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW) is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of African American women, girls and the community at large. NCBW has over 60 chapters in 25 states and the District of Columbia with over 6,000 members. Our organization selects and accepts new members on an annual basis. Membership is open to women who have demonstrated evidence of community involvement and agree to support the purpose and goals of NCBW.

Scholarship Requirements


Get leadership training and professional development


Be an inspiration by mentoring young people


Participate in national leadesrhip conferences

VIP Access

Gain special access to local and national leaders


Strategically plan to bring our mission to life.


Take part in advocacy initiatives to influence policy


Cultivate team work by collaborating on events


Expand your sisterhood of professional colleagues

Apply Today!

This would be a good place to explain the steps to membership

STEP 1 | Complete online application

STEP 2 | Conduct Interview

STEP 3 | Submit video

STEP 4 | Membership Approval

Scholarship Application

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